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Mod Service

Kaico don’t stock or sell pre-modded consoles as it does not form part of our core business strategy.

However, we are aware that a number of the products that we sell require a basic understanding of soldering and electrical work.

Most products are relatively easy to install, with the exception of 1 or 2 products such as the DCHMI kit.

Our operations-manager at Kaico previously worked as a smartphone repair manager and also as a secure data recovery operator.

Data recovery requires quite high-level soldering experience as hard-drive’s, memory chips and SD-cards need to be stripped down and prepared for ‘wiring up’ so that data can be attempted to recovered.

This means that all the products we sell, such as the DHCMI kit, can be installed ‘in-house’ and don’t need to be sent elsewhere for soldering. This is actually the opposite of many resellers as they are not able to perform everything under one roof like we can.

It also allows us to test and diagnose customer problems very quickly. We often find that 9 in 10 Kaico returned products work fine after being tested.

With this in mind, if any customer is looking for a specific modification that needs to be installed that we sell, then please get in touch with us using the usual channels.

We will be sure to offer competitive install prices and shipping costs, along with an efficient turn-around time.