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Dreamcast Original DCHDMI DC Digital Install Mod Kit HW1

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A Dreamcast DCHDMI MOD allows a board to be installed under the dreamcast motherboard. This will then allow full 1080P, 960P and 480P playback and will also give the Dreamcast a mini HDMI output connector to allow easy use on modern HD and 4K TV’s.

The DCHDMI allows all of the above with the added benefits of choosing to add scanlines, in game reset to go straight back to the homescreen and finally it gives the Dreamcast a wireless connection allowing updates over the air … no need for a broadband adapter or anything additional.

This item is not plug and play and does require a small amount of soldering, we recommend only purchasing this if your are confident you or someone else can install without fault.

This product is open source and was created by both Citrus3000 and Chriz2600, we thank them for their hard work and never ending support.

DCHDMI Contents 

1 x DCHDMI Board

1 x DCHDMI Wireless Attachment

1 x DCHDMI Flex Cable

1 x DCHDMI Drill template

1 x Set of Screws and nuts

1 x Manual

We recommend watching a video before trying to install, these can be found on youtube by searching ‘DCHDMI Installation’.

We can NOT offer a refund or replacement on items damaged during installation and your warranty will be invalid.