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Nintendo GameCube HDMI Display Adapter

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The HDMI converter by Kaico was designed so you could use your GameCube on a Modern TV with a simple ‘plug and play’ solution.

Our high quality GameCube digital converter will provide you with a much clearer image than a standard AV cable. Compatible with all TVs with a HDMI input.

The Kaico Gamecube HDMI currently uses GCVideo 3.0D

The cable does not need additional power and allows you to improve the picture quality by enabling ‘Line Doubling’

Includes a programmed remote to scroll through menus and select your choices eg. Line doubling, Scan-lines ect.

Compatible with European, Japanese, and North American region GameCube as long as they have a digital display output.

Finally play all your GameCube retro classics with a high quality yet cost effective solution.

The HDMI converter is compatible with the Nintendo GameCube from all regions (All GameCube that have a digital display output).

A simple, attractive, modern converter offering a true ‘plug and play’ solution

Clear, sharp graphics and text

Kaico created a simple ‘plug and play’ solution to provide users easy access to use an HDMI input on a modern TV.

We would also like to thank Ikorb for the creation and continued improvement of his software ‘GCVideo’.