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Kaico Playstation 2 PS2 SATA HDD Hard Drive Adapter for Playstation Expansion Bay Port

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The Playstation 2 SATA to Expansion Port Bay Adaptor was made by Kaico and was designed so you could use a modern SATA 3.5 inch HDD or 2.5” Hard drive with your Sony Play Station 2 ‘Phat’ console and launch game back-ups as well as homebrew directly without the need for slower methods such as through the PS2 USB ports.

This Modern and Attractive Playstation 2 PS2 SATA HDD converter offers a simple ‘plug and play’ solution.

Our high-quality PS2 Hard Drive converter adapter will provide you with a much better gaming experience than its predecessor the PS2 IDE HDD Network Adaptor. Our Kaico Adapter takes advantage of the faster SATA speeds making for much more enjoyable gameplay.

Compatible with European, Japanese, and North American region Playstation’s.

Please Note: This Playstation 2 SATA Hard Drive converter adaptor is designed to be a simple and effective upgrade from the standard IDE network adaptor.

The majority of Playstation 2s made were the Phat models which came with an expansion bay port in the back. Ensure your PS2 has this before purchasing as without it, this product will not work.

Unlock Your Playstation 2’s Full Potential

To unlock the full potential of your Playstation PS2 system we recommend either installing Free McBoot Hard drive edition before anything else (such as copying game ISO’s across) or alternatively purchasing our Free McBoot PS2 Playstation Memory card.

Kaico PS2 SATA Hard-Drive Converter Kit for ‘Phat’ Playstation 2 Basics

The PS2 HDD converter is compatible with ALL ‘Phat’ Playstation 2 consoles from all regions.

■ Allows you to boot your PS2 console into CFW such as McBoot

■ No Need for messy and slow USB transfer speeds

■ Allows you to play backups of games directly from HDD (Quicker speeds than the original discs)

■ Very easy installation process with full colour manual

■ Access additional homebrew such as Codebreakers, OPL and More

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