Free uk shipping / free worldwide shipping on orders over £70

Amazon Only

Kaico understands that some customers have a desire to order directly from their local Amazon site as opposed to ordering from our website.

This could be for a variety of reasons including:

  1. Faster shipping (next-day prime)
  2. Local shipping from the same country where you live
  3. Familiarity with online platform
  4. Hassle free returns process
  5. Return goods to local country

Due to logistical difficulties and buyer demand, we stock a much limited product range on Amazon.

However the good news for Amazon buyers is that the products are all FBA products, which means they are fulfilled by Amazon. If you are prime customer, you can often receive these next-day.

Our website will automatically detect which country you are in and any available Amazon products will be shown with an additional ‘buy on Amazon’ button.

If you wish to see only Amazon only products, then please select ‘Products’ from the link menu then scroll across to ‘Amazon only’.

If for some reason the products displayed are not going to your local Amazon site, (or you are using a VPN), then be sure to change the locality of the Amazon site to your own country.

We are currently have products stocked on the following Amazon countries:

  1. Amazon.com (United States)
  2. Amazon.co.uk (United Kingdom)
  3. Amazon.de (Germany)
  4. Amazon.fr (France)
  5. Amazon.it (Italy)
  6. Amazon.es (Spain)
  7. Amazon.nl (Netherlands)
  8. Amazon.se (Sweden)

Please note: When you ordering directly from Amazon then all questions concerning the delivery process needs to be directly to Amazon customer services by phone or email. We have zero-control or knowledge of the Amazon delivery process.
All support queries and questions can be asked directly to us as normal and all Amazon orders receive exactly the same level of support and service as website orders.