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Kaico always try to assure that all products we stock are shipped with the latest firmware available.

Due to the nature of mass manufacturing, sometimes products are stocked in bulk before a new firmware is released. This happens very infrequently because retro gaming firmware does not get released that often.

However, when it does, it is often a very simple process to update firmware.

Please have a look at the following Wiki/GitHub links which provide information on the latest firmware downloads and general information on some of the products we stock:

OSSC Official Wiki

OSSC Junker HQ

GCVIDEO (GameCube Digital Adapter)


Kaico GameCube HDMI GCVideo Updater

GCVideo 3.1 Update File 

GCVideo 2.4 Update File



Dreamcast DCHMI


Gamecube Swiss Disc

Gamecube Swiss Disc

Dreamcast DreamShell SD Adapter


N64 Line Doubler HDMI Firmware

N64 All in One Complete Control Update 2.0

N64 Original FW

N64 All in One Complete Control Update v3.0

N64 All in One Complete Control Update v3.0 is in BETA please try this and if you have any issues contact us on adam@kaico.co.uk

N64 Original FW to revert back if you are having problems

If you have a questions or concerns with firmware updates, or you just need some general information on them, please get in touch with us using the usual channels and we would be glad to help.