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20th January 2020

Dreamcast Review by GameZone Birdroom

Check out out latest review by GameZone Birdroom’s review on our Dreamcast HDMI adaptor. This review is completely unbiased, GameZone Birdroom is...

13th January 2020

Dreamcast Review by Shenmuede

  To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Shenmue’s release on Dreamcast, the question arises: How can you still play best on the...

3rd January 2020

Euro Retro Gamer OSSC Review

We have recently had our OSSC (Open Source Scan Converter) reviewed by Euro Retro Gamer over on youtube. Euro Retro Gamer is...

29th December 2019

Kaico OSSC Review by Tech Guru

For fans of high-resolution graphics, today’s gaming machines offer a smorgasbord of options that bring hyper-realistic graphics to everyone’s living room.  ...

20th December 2019

Sega Megadrive’s effect on the World

  The Sega Megadrive was the first console to give meaningful worldwide competition to Nintendo’s firm grasp on the home console market....

12th December 2019

Differences between Display Outputs

Composite – Composite video is an analogue video transmission that carries standard definition video typically at 480i or 576i resolution as a single...

5th December 2019

Why the original xbox is my favourite console

Back in 2002 when the song charts were topped by Nelly and Kelly Rowland’s – Dilemma and life consisted of school, gaming...

29th November 2019

Kaico’s Top 5 PlayStation 2 games of all time

The PlayStation 2 was something special when it was released in 2000. Marking the start of a new millennium as well as...

18th November 2019

Open Source Scan Converter (Kaico Edition) – REVIEW

I still remember when I first came into possession of a high definition television in 2006. At the time the technology was...