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Kaico appear in a variety of YouTube and other online videos which showcase our products. Often these form part of a video review where the user discusses the pros and cons of our products and puts them through their paces.

Some of these videos have been sponsored by Kaico where we have provided the reviewer with the product so they can perform some testing on it. This sometimes creates the opinion that some of these reviews could be considered ‘biased’. However, the vast majority of videos about our products are not sponsored and we always encourage ALL reviewers just to be honest and unbiased at all times.

If you are interested in reviewing any of Kaico’s products then please get in touch with us using the usual channels.

4th August 2021

Kaico GameCube Component Cables & OSSC Review

Watch this review made by the Generational Gamer channel for our Kaico’s GameCube component cables and OSSC  

8th July 2021

Kaico HDMI Line Doubler For Nintendo Consoles Review

In this episode, the MCD Network channel took a look at an HDMI adapter for Nintendo Consoles from Kaico Labs.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtuYwWcASy8https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnnIWjbOSHI

28th May 2021

Unboxing and Quick Test -Kaico OSSC

In this video, the Zanoni_Revived channel will unbox a brand new KAICO Open source scan converter (OSSC) for testing.

6th April 2021

Kaico Labs Nintendo HDMI Cable Review (Featuring Mario – SNES, N64, GameCube)

Watch the awesome review made by the Generational Gamer channel for our Nintendo HDMI Cable

28th March 2021

Unboxing & review – Kaico N64 2x Line Doubler HDMI adapter

In this video, Joe Bleeps explained the video output connectivity for N64 and other Nintendo consoles, take an in-depth look at what’s in the box and test out the adapter with an unmodified N64 console on a 49″ modern TV as well as offering my opinions on the product.

12th December 2020

PS2 HDMI Adapter for Dead or Alive (DOA1) on PlayStation Review

Check out this test game “Dead or Alive” using Kaico PS2 HDMI Adapter

18th November 2020

Nintendo N64 X2 HDMI Adapter Testing and Review

Watch this awesome test game and review made by Generational Gamer channel.

19th October 2020

Kaico GameCube to HDMI Adapter Review

In this video, the YouTube channel ‘Cranky Supertool’ unbox amd review the Kaico Gamecube HDMI Adapter

9th October 2020

Kaico XBOX Adapter is the best!

This blog video shows why the Kaico adapter is the best HDMI adapter for your Xbox Classic. Thanks to Game worlds for this review.

11th September 2020

Great HDMI option for the Nintendo Gamecube

Watch this awesome review made by Mizzah Tee for our KAICO HDMI Converter

10th September 2020

Dreamcast HDMI Cable Review and Unboxing

Watch this review made by Blaine Locklair for our Kaico HDMI adapter with demo footage of Dreamcast games displayed through the adapter.

9th September 2020

Kaico HDMI Collection Review by MetaGamers

Thank you to metagamers for this review! “Easy to use and amazing!” Watch this review from metagamers

26th May 2020

The Most In Depth Kaico Gamecube HDMI Review Yet!

This review is bought to you by Randomised Gaming. They have made the most complete review to date of our Gamecube to HDMI.

23rd May 2020

Dreamcast, PS2 and Gamecube to HDMI Reviews by Mekel

Check out this amazing 3 in 1 review by Mekel Kasanova. Don’t forget to go and support his channel as well!  

20th May 2020

A Kaico Gamecube HDMI Unboxing by The Game Complainers

Check out this awesome unboxing and let us know what you think in the comments!  

17th May 2020

King Lizzard’s Review of our PS2 to HDMI Adapter

An absolutely amazing review here by a small youtuber called King Lizard. Go check him out!