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Dreamcast Review by Shenmuede



To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Shenmue’s release on Dreamcast, the question arises: How can you still play best on the now no less aged Dreamcast in times of new HD editions, 4K TVs and Shenmue III? If you value playing on original hardware and, as I think little of hardware modifications, you need an external solution. For me it was a tangle of cables from VGA cable, HDMI adapter (which even needed its own power supply) and HDMI cable. The Kaico HDMI Adapter for Sega Dreamcast, which I have been holding in my hands since this year’s Christmas, will help! Kudos to Ines go out.


It is a simple plug-and-play solution. An HDMI cable is also included. On my 4K telly from Philips, the adapter creates a perfectly centered, brilliant color (comes well in combination with the Ambilight of the TV) 480p60 picture without any need for further settings. I personally have an absolutely clear recommendation for this small box. In future streams you can convince yourself of the great quality. Short information at the end: It is a personal judgment about the product, not advertising. That is why I do not have a direct link to the product. If you have been looking for such a technical solution for a long time, you will surely find it. You have my blessing!


Check out the original review here @ https://shenmuede.wordpress.com/2019/12/29/kaico-hdmi-adapter-fuer-dreamcast/