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Kaico GBS Control Video Converter GBSC RGBs SCART Ypbpr Signal to VGA HDMI

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GBS control is an improved GBS8200 RGB to VGA converter board, and an alternative firmware for Tvia Trueview5725 based upscaler / Video converter board. The firmware of this device is powered by gbs-control designed by ramapcsx2, used with permission under an open-source copyright.



1)This device does not support composite and S-video signal.

2) HDMI and VGA outputs will not both work at the same time, You will only need one connected at a time.

3) If you want to switch the video input signal (when you have more than one input video source connected into this device), you need to power off the device first to avoid potentially damaging the device.


1) Almost zero latency.

2) Supports most retro video game consoles.

3) Supports RGBS, RGSB, RGBS SCART, RGBHV, Component and VGA Input.

4) Supports RGBS, VGA, Component and HDMI Outputs.

5) Supports high fidelity audio output.

6) Built in Si5351 stable clock generator.

7) Supports Video image adjustment.

8) Ability to balance the amplitude of the three primary color signals – R, G, B.

9) Supports upscaling up to 1080p.

10) Supports downscaling to 240p/288p (Only through the Saturn AV Connector).

11) No synchronization loss switching between 240p/480i or 288p/576i.

12) Supported resolutions include: 240p/288p/480i/480p/576i/576p/720p/960p/1080p

13) OLED Screen and WIFI web configuration pages help you make settings changes easily.

14) Supports firmware upgrades via the micro-USB connector.