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Kaico OSSC None RGB Add On Board

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Convert composite and s-video signals into component and SCART signals, with smoothing and linedoubler options. It can be used in conjunction the OSSC, or as a standalone converter product for older TVs.


  • Inputs: Composite & S-video
  • Outputs: SCART & Component
  • Linedouble and Smoothing mode
  • Support: 240p, 480i, 576i, 480p, 576p
  • Supports most of the retro game consoles and some other low-resolution video products
  • Auto detect the NTSC, NTSC-443, PAL, PAL-60, SECAM
  • USB firmware upgradable


1) OSSC add-on board

2) SCART male to male cable

3) DC Splitter Cable(Support DC 5v power plug)

4) 3.5mm stereo male head to RCA female cable