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WiFi Payloads Injector for PS4

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Suitable for all PS4 with 4.05 or 4.55 system version;

Plug the WiFi module into the PS4 console and it enters into decoding mode to crack the Firmware.
Built-in open source NodeMcu v.10 WiFi module and CP2102 serial port chip.

Easy to use, no networking, no setup required.

The built-in Payloads program is the latest version, fast startup and stable operation.

The firmware can be manually updated, and other ESP8266 firmware suitable for cracking PS4 can also be loaded on to it.

How to USE:
On the PS4 console plug the PS4-WI-FI dongle into the USB socket.

The LED will remain bright until the PS4 console is connected to the PS4-WIFI.

After that,it will blink only when files are transferring.

GO to settings–Network–Set Up Internet Connection.

Choose your WI-FI network.

Select WI-FI network identified by PS4 WI-FI.(NO password is required)

Set next options to their default values,until you reach the end of the networking setup.

After that you can test the Internet connection, remember that your PS4 console is connected to PS4-WI-FI instead of the Internet.So its normal when it shows that the internet connection failed.

Finally go to the Settings –Users Guide/Helpful info, then choose the User Guide. The website installed onto PS4-WI-FI will be shown.

Now you can choose the payloads you want to use.

Click the PS4 controller logo, and it will take you to the PS4 payloads page.

Click the PS4 5.05 option. This will start to jailbreak the PS4 system 5.05.

After a few seconds it will show the JS warning web page to proceed press OK.

If Jailbreak is successful, it will show you’re all set!

Package Contents:

1 x WiFi Decoding Module for PS4
1 x Micro USB Cable