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MISTer FPGA USB Hub Board v2.1 With Power Splitter, USB Bridge And 4 Board Screws

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MISTer FPGA USB Hub Board v2.1 With Power Splitter And 4 Board Screws

Upstream micro-USB port
9 USB ports
Based on FE2.1 chip
Colour: Blue
Material: PCB

Package Contents:

1 * Hub

1 * DC power splitter

1 * USB Bridge

4 * screw

This is an optional add-on USB Hub for convenient USB device connections. With this board for MiSTer it gives an extra seven USB ports that fit under the existing chassis. The USB Bridge seamlessly connects to the DE10-Nano SoC board without any additional wires.

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Dimensions 17 × 12 × 3 cm